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Photomechanics. Our graphical and photomechanics design service uses the latest control systems. We used from the begin systems based on Macintosh and Windows, which we continue using nowadays, and which have now become the production standard worldwide. We have highly qualified personnel in every type of programs for digital printing. We use all the means necessary to guarantee the quality required by the large food brands, and we carry out complete quality controls regarding colour and design of the digital proofs presented to our clients as contract proofs.

Automatic galvanic line
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In production we use the most modern means available worldwide. Our factories use automatic lines which work 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.


Cylinders rectifiers
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In the mechanical section we use precision machinery for the modification of the rotogravure cylinders. They are rectifiers from the main manufacturers worldwide, specially our rectification technology with strips, the first in the world with this technology.


Electronic engravers

We carry out electromechanical engraving, which is the standard in this sector.

proof machine

For the final control, we use different proof machines in order to obtain a perfectly reproducible print. This together with our human capital and know how from two generations working in the rotogravure industry.