About SPH

Created in 1994, SPH is a company specializing in the manufacturing of cylinders for rotogravure for the industry of food flexible packaging printing.

A family-owned business, we have experienced in the last years a sales growth of about 30%, and we are present in several regions and countries. This success has been possible thanks to our compromise in giving our clients innovative quality solutions, in the fastest time to market possible.  

The key to these results is using the most advanced means of production. We were the first engravers in Spain to use the digital technology for cylinder engraving, a completely robotised electro line, and the first to include totally automated new generation and high speed engraving machines.

Technological innovation is present in all company activities. For example, we have been using for a long time RDSI communication lines for a direct communication with our clients, and now we have several ADSL lines, FTP server, which allow us not only WEB and e-mail access, but also a more fluent communication with our clients and suppliers.